Who is Beth Minardi?

For more than 30 years, this Industry Icon has worked both behind the chair and with major haircolor manufactures as a salon colorist, celebrity stylist, educator and haircolor expert.

Meet the woman who is singlehandedly elevating haircolor to an art form.


Childhood ambition:
To be an actress and own lots of horses.

Fondest stylist memory:
Meeting amazing professionals every time I have taught haircolor on stage or in a salon.

Last purchase:
A pair of electric blue Manolo Blahnik mules.

Natural hair color:
Who knows?

Personal color formula:
Beth Minardi Signature Permanent Color 4BC Nutmeg

Can’t color hair without:
My trusty selection of foils in all shapes and sizes.

Earliest hair memory:
Desperately begging my mother to allow me to not wear my hair in braids.

First hair faux pas:
Cutting my own bangs at age 5.

I went to college to become:
An actor and a teacher.

First job out of college:
I worked in the marketing department at Sun Bank of Florida, demonstrating the Automatic Teller Machine.

Went to grad school to become:
An elementary school teacher and reading pathologist.

Became a hairstylist because:
I love to help people feel great about the way they look. Vidal Sassoon told me it was cool.

Best experience as a hairstylist:
Working with the amazing and talented team at Joico and in the salon with the genius Mark Garrison.

Addicted to:
British television dramas.

Obsessed with:
Thoughts of how to make haircolor better.

Who has more fun, blondes or brunettes?

Favorite Movie:
Now Voyager, starring Bette Davis.

What celebs have you worked on?
Uma Thurman, Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt, Julianne Moore, Kirsten Dunst, Evan Rachel Wood, Edie Falco, Christie Brinkley, Matt Dillon, Faye Dunaway, Rene Russo, William Dafoe and Emilie de Ravin for her role in Remember Me.

Inspired by:
The colors in nature.

Can you surf?
Yes!! I grew up in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

What are you afraid of?
Snakes and mean people.



Launches Beth Minardi Signature Shades


Exclusive distribution through BSG begins for Minardi Luxury Color Care

Named “Haircolorist of the Year” by behindthechair.com

Minardi Luxury Color Care wins Launchpad Magazine’s Reader Choice Awards


Root Lift wins Self Magazine’s “Best of Beauty” Award


Named the spokesperson for Joico Vero K-PAK Color

Receives the Lifetime Achievement Award from the North American Hairstyling Awards


Launches Minardi Beauty Products


Appointed Haircolor Expert for behindthechair.com


Starts consulting with Modern Salon Magazine


Begins consulting with Redken


Opens Minardi Salon in New York City


Starts at Clairol as a Haircolor Consultant for Robert Oppenheim in the Professional Division

What is Beth Minardi Signature?
Beth Minardi Signature is a new color system featuring over 55 dimensional, high-shine shades in three delivery systems: Permanent Crème Color, Demi-Permanent Crème Color
and Demi-Permanent Liquid Color. All shades are pre- blended for maximum formula performance.

Who is it for?
Stylists of all skill levels who aspire to become Color All-Stars and build a profitable color business.

Why use it?
Each shade results in a beautiful, salon-friendly tone
to empower stylists with the color confidence they need to become top colorists - guaranteed. Beth Minardi took the most popular, most frequently used shades from all the different color lines and perfected them into this one color collection.

How is this formula different from other brands?
Each shade is packed with two proven, ultra-nourishing botanical extracts: Phyto-collagens and Ceramide 2, which deliver maximum conditioning during color processing to achieve superior color deposit and shine. The Beth Minardi Demi-Permanent system is proven to leave hair in better condition than before the color service*, even on damaged, color-treated and bleached hair.

Do color formulas cover gray?
The Permanent Crème shades cover gray 100%, plus leave hair softer and shinier than before service. The Demi- Permanent Crème shades provide 100% coverage on clients who have less than 50% gray when used as directed. The Beth Minardi Demi-Permanent Liquid shades deliver high- gloss blending on clients with less than 50% gray when used as directed.

What do they smell like?
Not like traditional haircolor! All formulas feature scents of sparkling citrus blended with effervescent berries to transform every color service into a sensory experience.

How will results be different/better than other brands?
Beth Minardi Signature color formulas guarantee that results will be beautiful and predictable - with no surprises. Each shade has been salon-tested and carefully formulated to create the most lustrous, natural-looking results.

How do I use them?
All shades are mixed at a 1:1 color to developer ratio. Below are the suggested processing times for this system:
Beth Minardi Signature Permanent Crème Color:
Process at room temperature for 45 minutes.
Beth Minardi Signature Demi-Permanent Crème Color:
Non-gray coverage: 20 minutes at room temperature. For gray coverage: 20 minutes under heat, then 20 minutes at room temperature .
Beth Minardi Signature Demi-Permanent Liquid:
For color enhancement: process at room temperature for 20 minutes.
For gray blending, process for 20 minutes under heat, then room temperature for 20 minutes.
For glazing/glossing: process at room temperature for 5-30 minutes (or until desired shade is achieved).

I’m not familiar with demi-permanent liquids;
why and when would I use them?
Use the Beth Minardi Signature Dual-Demi System to add
a high-gloss finish to hair lengths and add a conditioning boost in one easy step, leaving hair in better condition than before color service*. Try using a liquid shade to blend grays, refresh faded hair lengths or convert
a color-shy client.

What’s the difference between this brand and all the other color brands?
When you use this system, you feel like you have Beth Minardi in your salon, guiding you every step of the way with her no-fail formulas and tips. Each color is the culmination of 30+ years of salon experience and
is precisely formulated for success so that everyone experiences great results the first time and EVERY TIME!

What’s an easy way to remember all these great benefits?
• Business-buildingshades
• Easy-to-usepre-blendedshades
• Three lines–permanent crème, demi-permanent crème
and demi-perm anent liquid
• High-shineresultsfromPhyto-collagens&Ceramide2